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The pre-release of the new moss genome annotation V3.3 is online. Browse now!

Welcome to the moss computational biology toolbox.

This site provides computational biology resources that are related to the genome/transcriptome of the model plant Physcomitrella patens (Aphanoregma patens).

The Physcomitrella genome has been sequenced by whole-genome shotgun at the JGI (why?). The version 1.1 of the assembled and annotated genome has been released to the public in April 2007. The data are available e.g. for BLASTing on this site, the genome browser is available here. If you are interested in manual annotation see the annotation guidelines for details.

These resources are currently available on this site (please use the menu above to access them):

BLAST service against the assembled transcriptome and the genome

Browse the genome

Sequence retrieval and visualization of sequence annotation

Functional annotation of the virtual transcripts and keyword search

Manual curation of annotations

Physcomitrella-specific splice site prediction

The Physcomitrella ecotype map and genetic map

Information about the Physcomitrella genome, associated literature, UTR repeats etc.

Download the latest release of the genome annotation

PlanTAPDB: a phylogeny-based resource of plant transcription associated proteins

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