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Title V1.6 Gene Family Annotation
Authors Daniel Lang
Journal No journal
Year 2013
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Abstract Starting from family definitions based on an OrthoMCL protein clustering of 27 Plantae genomes and PFAM domain annotations, cluster-wise family names were devised as follows: 1) all PFAM domains over the Trusted Cutoff were considered 2) PFAM domains that were found in more than 50% of the cluster members 3) Domains were ordered by median start and stop positions in the clustered proteins and concatenated into a family name with the following syntax: FAMILY_A,FAMILY_B domain containing 4) clusters whose members where annotated using the TAPScan software were annotated with the TAPScan family name The provided family names are meant as initial values only. Gladly replace them with the "true" family names e.g. derived from phylogenetic analysis.
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