Physcomitrella markers

Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) markers have been detected in the clustered Physcomitrella EST data using MISA and Primer3.

Up to three primer pairs are available per SSR locus. Most of the markers are applicable for PCR analysis of Physcomitrella accessions and a large part is cross-species applicable in related Funariaceae.

The complete set of predicted markers is available here (Excel spreadsheet).

The search statistics for 24 plant gene indices can be found here.

376 SSRs have been analysed via PCR in the lab strain 'Gransden' and the french accession 'Villersexel-K3'. Of those, 110 SSRs revealed size polymorphisms. Additionally, the polymorphism information content (PIC) of 64 SSRs in 21 worldwide Physcomitrella accessions has been calculated. These information can be found here (Excel spreadsheet).

Contact: Stefan Rensing

Citation: von Stackelberg M., Rensing S.A. and Reski R. (2006) Identification of genic moss SSR markers and a comparative analysis of twenty-four algal and plant gene indices reveal species-specific rather than group-specific characteristics of microsatellites. BMC Plant Biology 6:9