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Image:Cosmoss_logo.png extended services and user accounts

Everyone is invited to register! Please contact for an account!

The general use of the services of are free of charge and open to everyone.

We offer additional and extended services to registered users (e.g. additional BLAST databases, batch BLAST jobs, BLAST2CSV service, custom BLAST databases).

Usage of these extended services is free to academia only.

Part of these additional services require additional resources and maintenance that are not covered by our academic funding. To ensure future maintenance, improvement and expansion of services, we need to cover these expenses.

Therefore, nonacademic usage of the extended services on has to be financed via an annual nonacademic usage fee:

1 nonacademic account
2-5 nonacademic accounts
250€/year per account
>5 nonacademic accounts
further discount depending on the amount of users

Academic affiliation is determined by the email address and “academia” check-box provided on the account management page of the interface. Email addresses that cannot be traced back to an academic institution will not be accepted for an academic account.

It is possible to register for an annotator-only account free of charge.

login names, email addresses, display names and passwords


Unless already existing, your account name is your last name.

email address

The email address is used by several cosmoss services like e.g. the BLAST interface to send requested information. By default, all cosmoss users are added to the two cosmoss mailing lists. Visit the cosmoss mailing list pages to unsubscribe.

initial password

The initial password was sent to you when your account was created. Please change your initial password directly using the account management page.

display name

The display name is used in the genonaut annotation interface to indicate who has provided which information for a given gene. It can be edited via the account management page.

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