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This page is under construction...

It is meant to document both the annotation process and the resulting data accessible via the interfaces.

You can browse V3.3 using gbrowse:

The Physcomitrella patens V3.3 genome annotation

Improved Locus Definition - gene ids (CGIs)

CGIs provide the unique address of a gene (protein-coding and non-protein-coding genes) on a respective assembly. CGIs also function as primary IDs/accession numbers to access genes and gene products in V3.3. On the V3 assembly CGIs can either be localized on pseudo-chromosomes or scaffolds. Locus ids are ordered from 5' to the 3' end of the reference sequence.

CGI Syntax

Like a German car licence plate, the CGI carries a lot of information about the gene product you're looking at: Comprising the fields species, assembly version, reference sequence, locus index, type and (sequence) index.


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