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To extend and improve the annotation of the genome, we have initiated this student community annotation project. Undergraduate students work as part of a course on a given set of genes and try to extend and improve the functional (in the future also structural) annotation of these candidate genes.

We are not the first to do so, see the following papers for examples:

Annotations derived from SAP belong to the user account "student" (display_name="cosmoss students"). The participants of each course and the genes they annotated will be listed on this page.

We hope that over time we can extend this project also to other universities and groups throughout the Physco-community. If you are interested to participate with your class/course contact me --Lang 09:18, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

Freiburg summer semester 2010

As a first project within the lecture "Comparative Genomics" (Rensing, Lang) we aimed to check and integrate annotations from P. patens genes published in Genbank.

In total, we annotated 67 genes.


  • Christian Volk
  • Claudia Bachmann
  • Joke Lambrecht
  • Nico van Gessel
  • Nisha Rajasundaram
  • Paul Staab
  • Stefanie-Kristin Rösch
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